In life I ponder…

It’s been a while since my last post, I’m really not great at this but I feel I have so much to say, so many projects in the works, happening and about to happen!

Let’s rewind back to April. I decided it was time to return to Miami for a bit and take care of my usual business as well as work on a project while there- the city was still cold and I just needed a change of scenery. I stayed in Miami for a shorter stay than planned and long story short, circumstances brought me to Peru… the motherland!

And here I am finally settled back in Lima, watching reruns of I love New York and Flavor of Love <3 LOL reality TV- one of my guilty pleasures. But something has been weighing on my mind, thoughts can’t seem to go away, of what I am doing with my life- seriously. I have it pretty good, I get to work from anywhere I go, I enjoy what I do and I have plenty of freedom to do as I please at this point in life.

But I find myself somewhat bored with life, as if something is missing right now. As if I need to find a few missing pieces to my puzzle. My days consist of taking my geriatric/handicapped dog to physical therapy 3 times a week, hanging with my niece and nephew who are still children, sleeping late, watching more reruns of crap reality tv shows… repeat all over again. Very different than my life back in NYC for sure…. But, after a conversation with a friend, he had a brilliant suggestion- to perhaps involve myself in some sort of social work. I’ve always had an immense interest in charity work, children and animal rights. So I have decided to extend my stay to volunteer in my country of birth to contribute to my community and help out the needy, and I already feel so much happier and thrilled about what’s to come.

I was in talks with a few organizations, as there are so many causes that I’m passionate about and many regions in Peru in which help is needed. But I made a decision already!

So to all of you, stay tuned to see what is to come in my next adventure and find out what cause I end up choosing. You may just find me in Cuzco living among llamas teaching Arts to kids after school or in the Amazon helping save exotic animals in danger of extinction.

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