Habana Nights

I recently watched “Cuba and the Cameraman” months after I spent some time in Cuba last spring on a girl’s trip. It took this documentary to really, really appreciate and love this country even more than I fell in love with it the first time. Things have changed again but I feel truly blessed I got to visit this country and experience true Habana nights, I’ll elaborate more on that later.

I grew up in south Miami, so I can identify with the culture as Miami has a large cuban community! funny how I never really liked the food and rarely ate it while I lived there, but after 4 years in NY, I truly miss Sergio’s <3

Our first night in Cuba, we had dinner at a local Paladar (homes turned restaurants open to the public serving homestyle food) I had Ropa Vieja and mojitos- LOTS of them. We came across some sort of Club for Poets and Artists which I really wish I remembered but the night was a bit blurry at this point hehe and met two very eccentric yet gracious older men who first introduced us to REAL cuban rum (got myself a couple bottles to bring back to America).  We ended up at a hot new club a local referred us to called Sarao’s. We danced the night away and it felt surreal I was in a country previously so repressed and just knowing the sad realities of a communist nation. Anyways, I think images speak louder than words so I will not bore you with my writing anymore lol you can check out a selection of photos below. Also, current playlist includes Celina y Reutilio’s Santa Barbara which plays at the very end of Cuba and the Cameraman and my parents would play when I was a little girl, living in Lima! I really think this is all somehow connected and the reason why Cuba ended in my travel plans 🙂




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