Boho Muse– meaning? to me Boho means having a carefree soul and living life your very own way without limits. A muse is an inspiring soul, a divine gal who awakens your senses to create beauty. That is how the name came about. 


Hi, I’m Carla and I live in NYC. I grew up in Miami and Peru. I love summers, travel, good food, music, being silly with my friends and just living life…. I currently work as a Brand Consultant in the jewelry & fashion sectors with companies worldwide. Previous to this I had roles at Conde Nast, Hearst & Time Inc, and was Brand Director for some very cool Jewelry Lines.

Boho Muse started as an e-commerce site many moons ago while in College but life took me on a whirlwind and I put it aside for years to come. When I decided to re structured this idea, I was traveling throughout Europe last year and felt it was probably a good idea to bring my baby back to life and make it a bit more personal- I am my own Brand after all 🙂

I hope you find inspiration in my content , and follow my whereabouts and projects in the making @carla_loo